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These are the type of couples that should be recognized and be looking up to. Not the tumblr famous who post a picture and get 19832742 notes. For what? For just showing up in a picture.
These are the ones we should look up to. The ones that wait months, sometimes years to be reunited. The long distance who skype every night. The ones with a unique story and a love so big it lasts through generations. The ones who wait for their little soldier to come back home, the ones who can’t get sleep, wanting to just be with their loved one. The ones dying to meet each other for the very first time after a year of skyping and talking on the phone.
Not the fame-hungry who break up, on & off. Not the ones who date for a month and people still want the idea of them together, yet have given up on love til they get back together. Not the celebrities that get married for a year and then get divorced. Nor the celebrities that get married & divorced to the same person on & off.
Those are the type of couples who give the stereotype on love. That it’s a stupid thing, and that no one can find love. If military couples and long distance couples got more recognition than the fame-hungry, that stereotype wouldn’t be on the mind of millions. Now I’m not saying that if you’re not in the military and long distance, your relationship isn’t as powerful and as touching. It is. And if it is, don’t be afraid to get your story out there, because honestly, more people should hear your story :)

what she said ^^^



they’re coming home for the hoilday

if you see this on your dash and don’t reblog judging you

whenever i see them, i thank them. you dont even know half of what they go through

Once when I told a soldier thank you, he was really surprised and said he didn’t get thank you’s a lot, and my heart just kinda fell out of my chest.

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This is my favorite picture….they are perfect.

Nice to see you. It’s been a long time. You’re just as lovely as you used to be.